Getting Them To Like You Is Just The Beginning. How Do You Make Them Stay? That’s The Real Challenge!

by Vered DeLeeuw

The headline was staring at me reproachfully: “Study: 36% of fans disengaging with brands on Facebook!”

It seemed to be asking, “So, are YOU able to hold on to YOUR fans?”

Good question.

I already stated here that starting a blog is easy, but keeping it fresh is difficult. The same is true for holding on to Facebook fans: If you have the budget to run promotions and contests, you will get new fans. The real question is, how do you prevent them from later unliking your brand?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Be awesome. This is true with any form of social media. If you manage to create content that’s truly interesting to fans – content that they actually want to see even though it comes from a faceless brand and not from one of their friends – then you’ve done half the job of retaining your fans.

2. Don’t post too much! This is a big one. I remember seeing a “social media package” on a social media consultant’s “Services” page. They were promoting their “signature package,” which included 25 (twenty five!) weekly Facebook postings. OMG! If I were that page’s fan, I would unlike them after the first day of implementing that program. So yes, you want to remind fans that you exist, but please do so gently, with no more than one daily post (even this might be too much).

3. Run lots of promotions. If you have a significant number of fans, you probably acquired them by running some kind of a promotion. To retain them, continue running regular promotions, and make sure fans know that you will notify them about promotions on Facebook – this will give them an incentive to keep receiving your messages into their news feed rather than simply hiding them.

Seth Godin gave consumers a great piece of advice when he told them they should bring down the level of noise they’re exposed to. What this means to us marketers is that we must work harder than ever to convince people that we are relevant and interesting – that we are NOT part of the noise that needs to be eliminated.

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