Oops! SEO Can Seriously Backfire

by Vered DeLeeuw

Be very careful with your SEO efforts and very choosy when it comes to the SEO company you hire (if you choose to hire one).

A client of mine, unsatisfied with its Google rankings, hired an SEO company. The client’s website was result #11 – page 2 – on Google for their main keyword. Understandably, they wanted to be on the first page of results. But rather than advance towards that goal slowly, they hired the SEO company to speed things up.

A few months after they started using the company, they are now result number… (drum roll please) 72!

So they are down from page 2 to page 8.

I’m not sure what exactly happened, but my guess is, the SEO company had employed tactics that Google wasn’t happy about.

Can the situation be fixed? Probably. They were not delisted from the search results, just demoted. It is up to the SEO company to figure out what caused the penalty and rectify it.

I always tell my clients that SEO results take time – in many cases at least several months – to become apparent. Climbing to the front page especially does not happen overnight. Just as I always recommend quality over quantity when it comes to blog posts, I recommend taking the long-term view when it comes to search engine optimization and being very patient about it.

It’s better to take your time, produce great content, engage the community and get natural backlinks to your site, then employ tactics that ultimately backfire and get you a much lower ranking than before.

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