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by MomGrind

addicted to coffeeEvery morning I wake up thoroughly excited about breakfast. But the truth is, it’s not so much excitement over what I’m going to eat, as it is about the fact that I am going to get my daily dose of caffeine. I know I’m addicted, because when I sleep in on the weekend, I wake up with a bad headache, that can be promptly fixed with said dose of caffeine.

I drink one cup of very strong coffee each morning, and one cup of decaf tea at night after dinner. So I’m not doing too bad actually. According to the Mayo Clinic, for most healthy adults, moderate doses of caffeine — 200 to 300 milligrams or about two to four cups of brewed coffee a day, are fine. In fact, recent research has shown that coffee can actually be good for you, as long as you consume it in moderation and avoid the typical high-calorie concoctions that you can get at Starbucks and such.

Of course, being a foodie means that I don’t just drink any coffee. My coffee needs to be good. I usually use French press to make my coffee, and I make it fairly strong – I use 2 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee for each 8-oz mug. For years I insisted on drinking Illy coffee, but recently I became annoyed with the price, and have discovered a blend of Starbucks that I really like – Africa Kitamu (I buy it on Amazon). To all the coffee snobs out there I say, Starbucks coffee can be very good – the main issue is that when you order cappuccino or latte at the store, you get just one shot of coffee in a 12-ounce drink- that’s way too diluted. But at home I have more control over how strong I make my coffee.

gevalia heritage blend When Gevalia Coffee got in touch with me and offered to send me their 1853 Heritage blend for review, I was of course excited. It’s always great to be able to try a gourmet coffee blend that I’ve never tried before! The 1853 Heritage Blend is a 100% Arabica blend. It’s a medium roast coffee with notes of caramel. It is roasted and blended in Sweden and is available for purchase online.

The Review

I made the coffee using my regular method – French press. I measured, as usual, 2 heaping coffee measuring spoons (marked as 7 grams each) of ground coffee per each 8-ounce cup. I took the coffee with 1 teaspoon sugar and about 1/4 cup hot milk, as I always do.

My verdict: The Heritage Blend provides a clean, ultra smooth coffee drinking experience. I couldn’t detect any dominant flavors (including the caramel that’s supposed to be there) or any acidity. It’s a very light blend, and while I wouldn’t go as far as to call it “bland,” it is definitely better suited for individuals who prefer light coffee blends. If you like bold, full-bodied coffees with a pronounced finish, I would suggest making this blend stronger by adding 1 extra tablespoon per cup.

The Giveaway

Gevalia is generously offering to ship the following package to two US-based, 18+ readers:
1 box 1853 Heritage Blend coffee
1 very pretty coffee tin (says it’s decorative, so you can’t store the coffee in there!)
1 pack Gevalia coffee filters
Each package is valued at about $15

If you’re interested, please email vered at I’ll use to pick 2 random winners later today.

Update: The two winners have been chosen and notified via email. Thanks everyone for entering!

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