How to Create a Viral Tweet

by Vered DeLeeuw

It’s fairly easy to go viral on Twitter. Of course, if you have a large following, it’s REALLY easy. But even if you don’t, the secret is to keep it short and sweet, to post something most people identify with, to ask them to retweet it, and – if budget allows – to give them an incentive to do so.

In the example above, Men’s Health Magazine created a viral tweet. The vast majority of their followers would identify with such a tweet and retweet it, exposing it to non-followers, many of whom are also likely to retweet.

If you offer an incentive, you’ll get even more viral. I run a regular Twitter contest for one of my clients, where we offer free product coupons to people who retweet a short message.

This weekly tweet has proven to be quite viral, especially because we cross-promote it on Facebook. It’s been helping us to steadily grow this Twitter account at a rate of about 10% per week.

Not all tweets will become viral. It’s a combination of tweeting something fun and catchy AND tweeting at the right time and catching the eyes of users who are willing to retweet, and interested in the incentive. But it’s certainly one of the best ways to grow a Twitter account.

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