Skin Care Facts, and a Facial Cream Giveaway (CLOSED)

by MomGrind

While I don’t feel comfortable (for now…) with the idea of Botox, fillers or a face lift, I do use creams and lotions to make my skin look as good as it can – considering my advanced age. 😀

But the cosmetics industry is basically full of crap and in most cases its promises have just as much merit as promises made by your average snake oil salesman.

“Our new miracle cream will lift, firm, and tone your skin, while also dramatically reducing fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll see marked improvement within three days!”


I’ve learned almost everything I know about skin care from Paula Begoun. I’ve never met her, but I’ve read every word on her website. She’s a hardworking, smart woman who tells it like it is when it comes to what cosmetics can – and cannot – do for your skin:

1. The only true “anti wrinkle” cream is a sunscreen, since using it can actually prevent sun damage and prevent new wrinkles from forming. Apply it to your face every single day.

2. The only cream that can reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles is a cream containing Tretinoin (such as Retin-A). Tretinoin, available by prescription only, has been shown to improve skin’s collagen production, making skin smoother and offering a modest decrease in the depth and appearance of wrinkles. Not anyone can tolerate Tretinoin, though.

3. Exfoliating every day using an AHA or a BHA product will even out skin tone and improve skin texture. Exfoliating the layers of dead skin cells will also help other products, such as moisturizers, penetrate skin.

4. A good moisturizer, loaded with anti oxidants, can make a real difference in the appearance of your skin, but make sure the packaging keeps the ingredients stable once the product is opened. Go with opaque tubes or bottles with small openings, and avoid clear packaging and jars.

Most of my skin care routine is based on Paula’s Choice products, and when I buy products from other companies, I make sure to follow the above rules.

Sibu Beauty

Sibu Beauty offers skin care products that contain the antioxidant Sea Buckthorn. When they contacted me, asking if I would be willing to write a review of their facial cream (sample was provided), I quickly checked the list of ingredients. I liked what I saw.

The first five ingredients are water, sea buckthorn seed oil (which means the antioxidant is present in a meaningful concentration), glycerin (increases the amount of water in the surface layers of skin), sodium levulinate (a natural preservative and skin conditioning agent) and Sodium Anistate (a natural preservative ingredient used to prevent microbial growth and product spoilage).

The cream also contains olive oil, meadowfoam seed oil (an emollient and conditioning agent), shea butter (a rich source of antioxidants), and aloe vera (an anti-irritant).

On the flip side, it also contains lemon essential oil, a potential skin irritant, and its packaging is not completely opaque.

I’ve used the Sibu Beaty Facial Cream for about a week now. It’s nice and emollient and feels pleasant on my skin. The orangey scent is nice too. Despite containing a possible skin irritant, it hasn’t irritated my skin. I’m not the person to ever tell you idiocies such as “my skin is noticeably smoother now,” but it’s definitely a pleasant facial cream and I like that it contains so many beneficial ingredients.

The Giveaway

Sibu Beauty is generously offering to send one of my US-based, 18+ readers a free bottle of their Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream, valued at about $21. If you’re interested, please email me to vered at I’ll pick a random winner later today. — Congrats to Andrea H. for winning!

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