Social Media Pet Peeve: When Apps Post on Your Behalf Without Permission

by Vered DeLeeuw

I’m not even sure it’s a pet peeve, actually. It’s quite serious.

When I recently joined a Twitter tool as a beta user, I found out later, after I had used it for a few days, that the tool used the permission I gave it to access my Twitter account to post on my Twitter feed “I’m using X tool and loving it!” or something to that effect.


This is as uncool as it gets and a serious breach of trust. I notified the app owners and they told me they had removed this unwanted “feature” from the tool. But this is not the only app that does that. It happens quite often in fact – finding out that something you did online has found its way to your Twitter or Facebook streams.

The only way we can protect ourselves is to be very picky about the apps we grant permission to, and once we do, closely monitor our accounts to make sure no unauthorized activity is taking place. If you do discover this type of activity on your account, remove it, revoke the app’s permission, and – just as important – email them to tell them what you think of their practices. Hopefully, with enough feedback, they will realize that whatever publicity they get from these postings is not worth losing users.

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