Beautiful California

by MomGrind

I complain a lot about California in general, and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular. Taxes here are insane, home prices even worse, and roads are always congested. Politically correctness has reached a point where free speech is severely limited, not by law but by local culture, and communication is shallow and “safe.” My husband and I are sometimes so fed up with living here, we occasionally discuss relocating – and have actually visited a few locations outside California to see if they can be viable alternatives.

Then comes a long weekend, such as this recent Labor Day weekend, and we travel, rediscovering the beauty that surrounds us. Living in the Bay Area, we have easy access to wonderful places such as San Francisco, Napa, Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Yosemite, and the Tahoe area, with its beautiful lake in the summer and world class ski resorts in winter. Weather is perfect, people are nice… maybe we should stay here after all. 🙂

Old Sacramento: Gold Rush Days (historic recreation)
Old Sacramento: Gold Rush Days (historic recreation)

Gold Rush Days
Old Sacramento: Gold Rush Days

California State Capitol
California State Capitol (with my mom)

Downtown Truckee
Up in the sierra: downtown Truckee

creme brulee
Great food goes without saying! Christy Hill Restaurant in Tahoe City

Lake Tahoe
We usually visit the Tahoe area in the winter for skiing, but it’s gorgeous in the summer!

lake tahoe
Lake Tahoe

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