I Bought Facebook Fans But They Are Unliking My Page

by Vered DeLeeuw

The title of this post is from an actual search phrase that landed on my blog. My first reaction was “serves you right!” Then I got curious and went to the Adwords Keyword Search Tool to search for “buying Facebook fans.” As it turns out, there are over 40,000 monthly searches for this key phrase. So whoever it was who had searched for that phrase, he/she is not alone.

I’m here to tell you that you should not buy Facebook fans (or Twitter followers, for that matter). I’m not even sure how these things work, and who are the fans that you’re buying through those services. What I suspect though is that those fans couldn’t care less about your brand and your product. They like your page because they were paid to do so, but as they start getting your posts to their News Feed, they “hide” you (best case scenario) or unlike you (worst case).

Look. I’m a social media consultant. I have clients. Those clients want more Facebook fans and more Twitter followers. The pressure is certainly there. But the way to get more fans is not to buy them. You might as well put that money in your garbage disposal, same thing.

The way to get more fans is to reach out to your *target audience* – the people that *should* be interested in your product or service, and offer them an incentive to like your page. Then, once they become fans, don’t post too often (once a day is actually too much in most cases. Most fans do not want to hear from a brand more often than once a week), and when you do post, make it interesting, and keep running Facebook-only promotions, so that fans can see that it’s worthwhile for them to stay fans.

But whatever you do, don’t buy Facebook fans.

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