Should Your Business Use Google Plus?

by Vered DeLeeuw

Google yesterday announced that they are rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide, allowing businesses and not just individuals to use Google+.

So, should your business have a Google Plus page? Probably. I now recommend that all my clients add a Google Plus page to their social media marketing mix.

Granted, Facebook still seems like a better place to be, with more exposure and a higher ROI. But what’s especially intriguing about Google plus is that Google Plus is essentially about tying social to search so that Google can provide users with better search results based on their social connections. This is powerful – and the main reason for brands to join Google plus.

Google+ Direct Connect lets users quickly navigate to a Google+ page, and add that page to their circles, when using Google Search. Try searching for ‘+amazon’ and your search will take you to the Amazon Google+ page and give you the option to add the page to your circles. Google+ Direct Connect is still not widely available (to pages or to users), but no doubt it will eventually be.

The only caveat: After Google Buzz failed miserably, everyone is wondering whether Google Plus will actually take off or fail too. It’s too early to tell, so if your resources are very limited, don’t spend too much on a Google Plus page – but it’s still a good idea to create one, add a button/widget to your site or blog, and start posting to your Google+ page, even if just occasionally for now.

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