I Love Social Media!

by Vered DeLeeuw

I started a recipe blog a few months ago. I cook a lot (mostly bake actually), and I found myself posting more and more recipes on my personal blog, to the point that it was becoming a food blog, which was not what I wanted.

So I thought to myself, since I’m doing the work anyway, why not start taking photos too, and set up a recipe blog?

A few months later, that blog is slowly building itself a presence in search engines and a readership.

It got me thinking, how wonderful social media is. Up until just a few years ago, someone like me, with awesome recipes (if I do have to say so myself!) but no desire to cook full time, would have just one option- sharing her recipes with friends and family. Which is fine! But how wonderful to be able to publish all those recipes, document them, put them out there so that people who look for similar recipes can actually find them and try them, even if I don’t know them at all, even if they are far away.

A lot has been said about the accessibility of social media. Some don’t like it – they say that the Internet is filled with crappy sites and mediocre content. True – but that’s exactly why we have search engines, and why those search engines – especially Google – are working so hard to bring us only the high quality material.

Social media sites are just as efficient in this respect, because generally, only worthy content will go viral in social media and get distributed to lots of people.

So yes, I love blogs, and search engines, and social media. Of course, you can’t just set up a blog and expect to get discovered – it’s good to have at least a basic knowledge of SEO, and it’s also good to participate in social media sites, so that people will find your site, recommend it to others, and – most importantly – link to it. Backlinks are very, very important when it comes to your site’s search engine rankings.

But assuming you do all that, and are patient – these things take months, you’ll likely be rewarded with a small but growing audience that reads your content, enjoys it, and uses it.

I just love social media!

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