Can Fan Pages See If You Unlike Them?

by Vered DeLeeuw

No they can’t. I’m not sure what the person who searched for this (and ended up landing on this blog) was looking for – were they worried that the brand would get mad at them for unliking? 😀 Or were they paid to like (outright or via a promotion) and wanted to make sure they can now safely unlike?

The simple answer is, page admins can see how many unlikes they get per day, but they can’t see who are the “unlikers” and they probably don’t care. If you want to unlike a Facebook page, that’s certainly your prerogative. what IS of interest to the Facebook page admin is not WHO unlikes the page, but WHY they unlike it.

In my ideal world, people would be able to unlike a page (of course), but they would need to go through a screen first where they would be asked to enter a reason. They would have a few reasons to choose from, and also a place for entering their own unique reason.

Now, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon – making it difficult to unlike is not something Facebook will ever do. But imagine, if we marketers COULD get this information, how wonderful that would be. After all, we always want to know how people have found us – but it’s just as useful to us to know why they are leaving.

For now, we just have to make do with research that says, fairly consistently, that the number one reason people unlike a Facebook page is too many postings by that page.

So go ahead and unlike if you wish! The brand won’t get offended… they’d just love to know your reasons, if they could.

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