Following My Passion

by MomGrind

bakingMy passion lies elsewhere these days, with my Healthy Recipes Blog. So that’s what I’m focused on, in addition to my thriving (yay!) social media consultancy business – you know, the one that actually pays the bills. 🙂

I’m keeping this blog, which I love very much, and will definitely write when inspired to write, but not regularly or on a schedule as I used to do up until now.

I do not mean this to be one of those sad “goodbye” posts, because I’m still very much present on the Internet, just in different places and not so much here, where my online persona has spent the good part of the last four years.

Becoming a food blogger after years of being a personal blogger is liberating. Like so many other personal bloggers, at some point I just got tired of sharing my life – and as guarded as I tried to be, I WAS sharing a lot of my life – on the Internet. A food blog provides me with the same creativity outlet, but with far less emotional risk and exposure. It feels safer, and I like it this way.

I also like that an old passion of mine, baking, has expanded into cooking, and that I now have this amazing tool that enables me to document my culinary journey. When I started baking, back in 1993, I simply wrote down my recipes, or scribbled my tweaks on cookbook pages. Having your own blog where you catalog all your recipes is so amazing – my blog is where I now turn to when I create weekly menus, or when I need a recipe for something. It’s my own personal, tried-and-tested cookbook!

I went back and forth on whether I should write this post. I don’t like goodbye posts and I don’t like to see a good blog die. But this is not a goodbye post, and this blog is still alive. I’m just putting it on the back burner, while I’m busy with projects that are more important to me right now. So I’ll see you over at Healthy Recipes… and, occasionally, here.

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