Blogs Work for SEO

by Vered DeLeeuw

A client just forwarded a summary of the brand’s much-improved rankings since we started a combined SEO and social media campaign. It was super gratifying for me to see that several of the brand’s most coveted keywords and key phrases have significantly climbed up the rankings, and that, more often than not, the search results lead to the client’s blog. This is especially true when a blog post title closely matches the search.

My experience with this client highlights three things about blogs and their role in search engine optimization:

1. Google prefers dynamic, live blogs over static websites and will direct search results to them even if the website itself has been fully optimized for search engines. The blog might be less optimized and more natural, but it looks like this is exactly what Google likes about it. Plus of course the fact that it gets updated often while a website is generally stale.

2. Blog titles are really important. In all of the cases where search results are pointing to the client’s blog, they’re pointing to a blog post’s title that matches our desired key phrase. When writing blog posts, focus on writing titles that include your keywords, while keeping them natural and readable.

3. SEO results take time. I’ve been working with this client for two years now, so these results did not happen overnight, and we still have work to do, mostly on the more competitive keywords. But the results are very real. This has also been my experience with other blogs that I’ve set up over the years, including my own personal blogs – it takes Google about 2 years to truly warm up to a blog, stop suspecting it, and accept it as a legitimate presence on the Web, worth sending real traffic to. So BE PATIENT.

Of course, I already knew all these things, but with this client, since we’ve been following rankings very closely over the past two years, I can see this process very clearly – better than ever before, in fact. So yes, blogs really do work for SEO. Keep writing them (even if it seems like no one reads your blog, keep them real and high-quality, update weekly or bi-weekly (a dormant blog looks bad) and optimize your titles while keeping them readable. Oh, and be patient. These things take time.

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