Blogs Increase Traffic

by Vered DeLeeuw

I just got an email from a happy client. Upon review of their Google Analytics data, they have realized that their blog is responsible for 50% of all the traffic that lands on their website! I can’t say I was surprised – after all, that’s why we add blogs to websites, and it works – it just takes time and patience and of course, a high-quality, well-written and well-optimized blog.

When I say “well-optimized,” I don’t mean overly so. It’s a delicate balance, and Google has made it very clear that they consider over-optimizing as spam and it could actually backfire and lower a site’s rankings.

A blog, if not over-optimized, will get filled overtime with relevant, engaging, high-quality content, and this is the best thing you can do for your website. Remember that not every blog post needs to sell your product or service, link to one of your main site’s pages, or be optimized for your main keywords. In fact, if you throw in some general-interest blog posts, even blog posts that only touch on your subject and are not optimized, it can only enhance the blog and add to its credibility.

The best blogs:

-Get updated regularly, although not necessarily frequently (once a week is more than enough);

-Are written for people first, for search engines second;

-Include a mix of highly-optimized, on-topic blog posts, general interest blog posts and personal stories;

-Generously link to outside sources, as long as those sources are reputable.

But even these great blogs need time to mature and to have a real impact on your traffic – I would estimate at least two years. Indeed, a blog is an investment – but one of the most important investments you can make.

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