Facebook: Organic is Out, Paid is In

by Vered DeLeeuw

I get it. Facebook wants to make money. So do I. But I can’t help being annoyed whenever the above text pops up on one of my Facebook admin panels, letting me know that a particular Facebook post is especially engaging. I should be happy that a post is engaging. And I would be, if Facebook sent engaging posts to a wider audience than usual. Instead, it sends it to a SMALLER audience than normal, and suggests that you PAY TO PROMOTE THE ENGAGING POST.

My annoyance with Facebook is unimportant, of course. The only thing important here is that we are all aware of the way things now work with Facebook and adjust our expectations accordingly. Facebook is still an important marketing platform for most B2C brands, one that I highly recommend using, along with Pinterest. But don’t expect to reach all of your fans with every single post – in fact, unless you pay to promote a post, most of them will reach just a fraction of your fans.

So should you pay? If you have the budget for it, by all means, pay to promote each and every one of your posts. If your budget is limited, and I’m guessing it is, choose the posts that are most important to you, such as posts announcing a contest or those that direct people to your website for a promotion. Pay to promote those, and as for the rest of your posts, don’t worry too much about how many views, likes and comments they get.

Just keep the quality consistent, don’t post too much (most brands post once a day, which I find way too much – do we really want to hear from the brands we follow every single day? I’m not even sure I want to hear from my friends every single day), and hope for the best. Once in a very long while, an especially engaging post might still take off organically, getting lots of views, likes and shares.

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