Why Hire a Blogger?

by Vered DeLeeuw

Because blogs work. They work by adding rich content to your website that search engines can crawl and index, and that people can read, like and link to – which sends you not just social traffic, but also increases search engine traffic because search engines tend to trust sites that have a lot of reputable links pointing at them.

Blogs get updated regularly, unlike most websites that tend to be fairly static. This encourages more frequent crawling and indexing by search engines, and – you guessed it – gives you more chances to get noticed on social media sites.

Blogs are a great tool for showcasing your knowledge and expertise and gaining loyal fans. These fans can and often do turn into customers.

A quick example: suppose you have an online clothing store. It’s filled with merchandise, but very little text. What would compel search engines to show your site when a woman searches for an evening dress, for example? You need to differentiate yourself from other online stores, and one great way to do that is by adding a fashion blog to you site. The fashion blog will discuss lots of things – not just evening dresses – but it will slowly establish you as an expert on fashion; it will bring people to your site; and it will help convince search engines that they should give your site a prominent place in search engine results.

But why hire a blogger? Why not just write your own small/midsize business or corporate blog?

Usually, it’s a matter of time. Most of us hardly have enough time to run our businesses or marketing departments, tend to our family and find a little time for ourselves; throw in blogging and social media to the mix, and it can become too much. A good, quality blog and social media campaign take time and dedication – I would say maybe 1 hour per day for most businesses.

Do you have an extra hour each day? Do you like to write? Do you enjoy interacting with people and providing online customer service? If you do, then by all means, no need to hire a blogger – you can do this by yourself, it’s not rocket science. But if you lack the time, the skills or the patience, a blogger for hire can do it for you. You would hire a blogger just as you would hire a web designer or an office admin – because you just can’t do it all.

Blogs work, but you need someone to create them and maintain them. That’s why it’s a good idea, for almost all businesses, to hire a blogger.

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