But No One Reads My Blog!

by Vered DeLeeuw

My clients sometimes worry about the lack of comments and the lack of a large readership on their business blogs or corporate blogs. My advice: as a business owner you have a lot of things to worry about – and this should not be one of them.

Unlike other social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, where if you don’t have following and interaction then what’s the point, a blog does offer value even if it doesn’t have a large readership or lots of comments.

Blogs Are Wonderful for SEO

The most important aspect of a blog is enriching your website with fresh, regular, optimized content. A static website doesn’t get updated all that often and the amount of text on it is usually limited. A blog provides you with an easy way to add lots of content to your website. Every time you add fresh content, search engines have a reason to crawl and index your entire website, so if you update your website twice a year, but update your blog twice a month, that’s a lot more crawling and indexing, and – assuming those blog posts are optimized to include your main keywords – more visibility in search results.

Your Blog Show Prospects You Know What You’re Doing

A static website is filled with promotional material. It can have lots of great stuff in it, including white papers and webinar recordings and customer testimonials, but essentially it is all about selling your stuff. A blog is much less promotional and much more conversational, which makes it a great tool for letting prospects get to know you better and showing them that you know what you’re talking about. About 50% of my clients have started our first conversation with, “I read you blog so I know you can do it.” I don’t even have to pitch my services or convince them that I can do it – they already know I can do it because they have read my blog.

Your blog Keeps Working for You Forever

It took me a while to figure this one out. I used to think that I was only as “good” as my last blog post – that if I post something great, but then produce mediocre content for a while, my blog would become worthless and no one would read it. I forgot an important thing though: those brilliant blog posts keep bringing traffic – and leads – forever! If they’re good enough to get links from other sites and blogs, they will rank well in search engines, and people will keep finding them – and landing on your blog. Unlike tweets and Facebook postings, a blog post has a very long shelf life – especially the good posts.

Walking The Walk

I don’t just talk the talk of “keep blogging even if no one is reading.” I also walk the walk. This blog gets zero marketing and very little traffic. With close to zero marketing efforts, but with regular optimized posting, this blog has a small readership – but the traffic it does get is highly targeted. Which means that this low-traffic blog provides me with a steady stream of leads for my business.

Which is why I keep blogging here, even though “No one reads my blog.” And so should you.

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