Blogging Requires Patience

by Vered DeLeeuw

It’s not easy to put so much work into a blog and various social media accounts, then wait patiently. But you have to. Even if you do everything right – optimize your blog for search engines, promote it via Facebook and Twitter and commenting on other blogs, even if the content you create is truly fabulous, you will still have to wait until you see results.

In terms of search engine traffic, it takes months to convince Google that your blog is legit. Google is looking for high-quality, consistently published content. Above all, it’s looking for links from reputable websites that point back at your blog. It takes a lot of time to get those links, months of work, and even when you do get them, you won’t necessarily see an immediate jump in your search engine results rankings.

It can take about 2 years for a blog to truly reach the point where Google believes that it’s there to stay, that it’s reputable and deserves to be included in the top search results for its keywords – and even then it will likely be for long-tail keywords, not for the main ones.

It used to be easier. But the Web is so full of content now, and many blogs were there long before you joined, and they are the ones getting the traffic for those keywords that you are after. Your blog may be just as good as theirs – but they have the huge benefit of time. They’re older blogs, and Google trusts them.

So what can you do? Just keep working. Produce good content, avoid linking to bad sites, leave comments on good sites. Slowly but surely, you will build yourself an online presence. It will take months – likely years – so you must have faith, and passion, and – above all – you must be patient.

When it does happen, when your efforts finally pay off, it can happen rapidly. I’ve seen one of my blogs climb up the search engine result pages all the way from page 10, to page 3, and finally to the first page, over the course of just three days. It’s exhilarating to watch this happen, because if it’s an important keyword, your blog’s traffic is going to be hugely affected, and in a very good way.

But even when it’s finally happening for you, even when your blog is finally getting traffic, remember that you should keep working. Maybe not as hard – you can publish new content once a week now, maybe twice a month, instead of 2-3 times per week; but if you allow a blog to go stale, there’s a good chance that its search engine rankings will slowly deteriorate, making room for fresh content. Search engines love fresh content.

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