Why You Should Never Buy Followers

by Vered DeLeeuw

Building a social media following is a long, tedious process, and even once you have a decent number of followers, you’ll probably find that human nature dictates that you’ll want more (we always want more, don’t we?).

Case in point: “I see that we have 1000 Twitter followers,” told me the new Marketing Director. “Great! Now, how do we get to 5000?”

It’s a good question, and one worth asking. But before devising a plan to increase our number of followers, it’s important to remember that quality is always better than quantity, and what’s generally true in life also applies in social media. It’s better to focus on using Twitter to reach out to, and build relationships with a handful of loyal, vocal fans, than to chase after lots of uninterested followers.

How do you get more *quality* followers? You continue to post quality posts; reach out to influencers in your space, follow them and interact with them; run promotions and giveaways; and use Facebook Ads judiciously, only investing as much as you need to get to your goal (say, 5000 fans).

But buying followers? Never. We’re all surrounded by promises of “I’ll get you 5000 followers in 30 days,” and at times it may seem like the easiest solution, but know that when you pay for followers, what you’ll get is thousands of people that do not really like your brand, don’t care about it, and will start unfollowing soon after you paid for them.

Even if your purchased followers don’t unfollow, they are empty followers – although technically they follow you, they do not have any interest whatsoever in your offering and will not respond to your tweets. Which is the very opposite of everything you want your social media to be – a place where people who truly like your brand come to interact with you and with each other.

It’s fine to work on getting more fans and followers, but only if they are real fans that are relevant to your business. 5,000 instant but empty Twitter followers? I think I’ll pass.

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