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vered deleeuwI’m Vered DeLeeuw, a professional blogger and a social media consultant.

I started this blog in February 2008, for no real reason, except that I discovered blogs and felt an uncontrollable urge to have one too.

I named my blog MomGrind® because I wanted to help moms deal with the daily grind of motherhood. To the men who find this site after searching for “hot moms” or “grind moms” (there are more of you than I ever cared to know), my sincere apologies. I can only imagine how disappointed you must be when you land here.

I started MomGrind® as a pure hobby, but at some point during the latter half of 2008 I realized that I wanted to become a professional blogger, and that I had the skills and the experience to make it happen. The many skills I’ve acquired through blogging here, including effectively writing for the web, Search Engine Optimization, and using social media to build one’s brand and to drive traffic to one’s website, have enabled me to start my own freelance blogging business.

What else would you like to know? Vered (’Ve’ as in ‘Very’, ‘Red’ as in ‘Red’, emphasis on the first syllable) means ‘Rose’ in Hebrew. DeLeeuw (unless you’re Dutch it’s impossible to pronounce so just go ahead and say De-Loo) means ‘The Lion’ in Dutch. I am married, have two kids, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

To the PR folks out there, I do accept products for review on this blog, as long as they’re awesome, as long as I get to keep them, and as long as your client is willing to ship a product to one of my readers too, as part of a giveaway. Full disclosure goes without saying.

You can contact me at: vered (at) momgrind (dot) com.


Why do you blog?
I love this medium. I have a short attention span, I am very opinionated and I like to write. Blogging is perfect for me. These days blogging also pays the bills – I’ve been blogging and managing social media for various clients since 2008.

Aren’t you worried about losing your privacy?
All the time. To me, it’s the only serious downside to blogging and social media. I do place limits on my writing and try to protect my family, and especially my kids, which is why I don’t mention them by name and don’t share their beautiful photos.

What ARE you willing to reveal about yourself?
I was born in 1971 in Jerusalem, to a native Israeli mom and a Dutch-born dad. I met my husband while serving in the Israeli military, back in 1990. We got married in 1993 and moved to the US in 1999. I have two school-age kids. We currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I hold a Master’s degree in Law and used to be an attorney. I hated it. This “I hated being a lawyer” rant is one of my highest-traffic posts of all time. So glad to not be doing THAT anymore.

Will you blog forever?
I’m pretty sure I’ll be blogging for many more years in some shape or form, whether on MomGrind or elsewhere.

How did you build your blogging business? I want to become a professional blogger too.
I worked very hard. I answered ads in places such as the problogger job board and wrote great articles for lousy pay. Gradually, happy clients started referring other clients and I was able to slowly raise my prices. The hardest thing about beginning as a blogger is that some companies expect to pay very little, viewing blogging as an “easy” job or a students’ part time job. But a well-written blog, and a vibrant social media presence, can make a big difference for companies in terms of brand recognition and customer loyalty. They can also improve a company’s search engine rankings and send targeted traffic to its website. This is worth a lot of money. Most decent companies acknowledge that and are willing to pay fairly for high-quality work.

Why no comments?
Read this: Closing Comments on this Blog.

You suck. I’ve read a few of your blog posts, here and on other blogs, and you are so full of yourself. You’re a bad, bad person. I hate you.
That’s OK. I’ve written my fair share of controversial blog posts. It’s impossible to blog for years, writing hundreds of articles, without stepping on a few toes. I assure you that I am not full of myself, if anything I am full of self doubt, but if you find that my opinions irritate you, feel free to stay away from me. The Internet is a big place.