The first rose of the season suddenly bloomed in our garden today. I saw it this morning when I went out to the back yard. It was tiny and red and very well hidden:


I was feeling cold and grumpy as I hurried down the path to the trash cans, and then I saw it and my face lit up with a smile: the very first rose of the season.

We recently found out that our little one (she’s seven. Can I still call her little? I think I can) has severe seasonal allergies. Nothing we can’t manage or handle, but it does make me look at spring through very different eyes. Whereas before I was happy and excited about all the colors and scents, I now feel suspicious and weary of them.

Still, it’s difficult not to love spring, even if flowering plants releasing tiny pollens are suddenly the enemy. And the thing I love most about spring is to watch my garden fill with beautiful, colorful, fragrant roses.


Seen during a recent visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:



“’Fountain’ was what Duchamp called a readymade, an object elevated to the status of art not because he had created it, but because he had chosen it.”



California is facing the most significant water crisis in its history. Winter 2008-2009 is the third dry year for the State. Water reserves are extremely low. There’s even talk about the State imposing water rationing on farmers, homes and businesses. In addition, drought conditions have created a situation of extreme fire danger, already the worst fire season in the State’s history.


It’s been raining almost the entire week and should continue raining well into the weekend and next week. I’m not sure if these rains are going to help with water levels in reservoirs (the dry land will probably soak at least some of the water), or save us from water rationing, but having breakfast in the kitchen this morning while watching our backyard being drenched in water made us very, very happy.

A REALLY Bad Driver

by MomGrind

I was picking my kids up from school today, as I do every day. Today however was a tad more exciting than usual when I saw THIS in the car in front of me:


At first I thought it was someone in the back seat, but I’m pretty sure it’s the driver herself.

Impressive, don’t you think?

(This is a rhetoric question as comments are closed. Of course it’s impressive).

Old, But Still Moving

by MomGrind

vanity license plate

Of course I had to snap a photo of this license plate.

I then asked my husband to SLOWLY pass the car so that I could take a good look at the driver.

The driver was an old man – probably in his mid seventies.

Old and feisty. I like that. I often say that I never want to make it past the age of 70 because of the inevitable physical deterioration. I know, I’m an idiot, and this license plate served as an important reminder that one can be old, spirited and funny.

red roses

Spring and early summer are my favorite time of year, because my garden fills with beautiful, blooming, colorful roses.

pink rose

I am not a very cheerful person by nature, but these days,

whenever I step out into the yard, I can’t help but smile.

And they smell so good!

yellow rose

My favorite flower, ever since I was a little child: yellow roses. 🙂