Client Testimonials

My former and existing clients are often kind enough to share their experience with future clients. This is what you can expect should you decide to hire me as a blogger:

diane-hagglundIf you have ever struggled with your corporate blog or other areas of social media, you should definitely hire Vered. She is a natural communicator and writer, and can dive in and quickly understand a new audience or technology. She is the magic behind my market research blog and keeps me up to date on what’s happening with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I have introduced her to clients with great success and heartily recommend her work. —Diane Hagglund Founder and Principal, Dimensional Research


Vered has exceeded all my expectations. Great writer. Check. Professional. Check. Friendly. Prompt. Polite. Check check check. The list goes on and on. She raised the bar for everybody I work with and has me thinking “why shouldn’t everyone be more like her?” —David Ning, Founder, Money Ning



Effective social media is both a science and an art. It’s science to know where to influence and why, but art to know what and how to communicate. Vered excels in both the science and art of social media outreach, creating comprehensive and exciting programs. Furthermore she does it in a way that really helps build one’s social “brand DNA”. Working with Vered is always a pleasure and a privilege. —Bill Moulton, Partner, Student Loan Finance Corporation


Vered understands our online social media needs and delivers it quickly but thoroughly. It’s sometimes daunting to find someone you truly trust to manage an important area of your business, to care and be as passionate as someone who works in-house. Her writing, analytical, and technical skills are impressive; she delivers added-value beyond expectation and teaches me new things everyday. It’s also nice to work with a wonderful personality and attitude and someone who thinks outside the box. You’ll get more than just your ROI with Vered. Your company’s social media efforts will be taken to a whole new dimension. —Vanessa Nielsen, Director of Marketing, Voskos Greek Yogurt


I’m impressed by how quickly Vered was able to understand our business, and effectively communicate it to our audience. She has a deep understanding of how social media works and the skill-set to use it to get results. She is a natural writer, and her way with words creates an engaging dialogue no matter the topic. She is dependable and professional – I would recommend her to anyone interested in building a strong social media presence for their business. —Yisrael Dancziger, President & CEO, Digital Fuel (Now VMware)


We wanted a different perspective for our blog – a nonprofessional investor perspective that resonated with our readers and touched on the daily investor challenges they face. An avid investor, Vered offers our readers her opinions on topics important to them, including saving for college, being a buy-and-hold investor, and dealing with market fluctuations. With her unique style and personality that shines through in every post, Vered turns even the driest topic into a highly readable, interesting discussion that engages the reader. She is also extremely reliable, very responsive, and overall a pleasure to work with. —Kevin Cimring, Chief Operating Officer, Jemstep


Vered has been instrumental in helping our company’s Google rankings climb up in the ranks for our targeted, very specific keywords. With her dedicated, creative and consistent writing on our company blogs, we have seen a remarkable difference in our position in the market. Vered is fantastic to work with, is professional and above all, effective! We have been so satisfied with the results that we have renewed our engagement with her repeatedly over the last year and we will continue to do so with the kind of results she produces. —Janet Hale, President, WiloStar3D


We needed an inbound marketing specialist pronto and knew that each day without a tweet or a LinkedIn discussion we were left in the dark. Vered managed to deep dive into our industry and to create and deliver content that is relevant and interesting to our customers and potential leads. Professional, smart, and responsive, Vered is a pleasure to work with. Coupled with delivering results, she is what I would call a “solution in a box.” —Daniel Kushner, VP E-Business, Nolio (now CA Technologies)


Vered is amazing. She has the uncanny ability to take the slightest amount of information and transform it into a comprehensive, thought provoking article. With all that small business owners have to worry about on a day to day basis, it is so nice to be able to hand off a project to Vered and know that it will be completed on time and exceed expectations. —Amanda Cornelius, Properties Online


Our team at 3marketeers considers Vered an integral part of our communications strategy. She is fast to pick up on a messaging theme, very proactive, and works hard to ensure our deadlines are always met. I highly recommend Vered to anyone looking for a “go-getter” capable of small miracles in social media. —Jeff Holmes, CEO, 3marketeers Advertising, Inc.


As a person who likes to write and is generally good at it, it was hard for me to decide to outsource blog support. I found Vered by conducting a search and was skeptical that anyone could represent me as well as I can represent myself! My concern faded quickly and I was completely astounded by Vered’s capabilities — she is communicative, supportive, thoughtful and knowledgeable. She was able to quickly understand my style and write in a manner that represents me well. Vered has also helped me understand a great deal about blogging and SEO — areas that are new to me. She responds so quickly and efficiently, and she helps me manage my time by focusing me on those things that really matter. I highly, highly recommend her if you are seeking copywriting or blogging support. She’s great! —Beverly Flaxington, The Collaborative


I began to work with Vered as a columnist on a web project we were developing a short while back. She was one of ten columnists I was working with. Yet, she very quickly became the standout of the group. Eventually becoming our go-to producer whenever we needed a topic researched and delivered with a professional sheen. Vered brought a style to her writing that was precise, thoughtful, and colorful all at the same time. She raised the bar for our whole project and I am proud that we had a chance to work together. Given new opportunities, I would do so again in an instant. —Yon Hardisty, Partner, Monkey Byte


Vered has been writing for our blog for a little over a year and we’ve been very pleased with her work. With little direction, she writes creative, entertaining, and engaging articles on a variety of topics that fit our target audience and meet our SEO criteria. She is professional, reliable, and has been a joy to work with. —Natalie Nizhny, Co founder, Designer’s Nexus


Vered has played a large role in the growth of our business. She understands our market and represents us well. She is on-time, on-point and flexible. My business is my baby. Vered understands that and treats it with the respect that I do. This is a quality (believe me) that is hard to find. —Jennifer Marshall, Founder, Happy Mama Gifts


Vered has been an instrumental part of my entry into the blogosphere. She combines professional and reliable service with outstanding knowledge and contacts in the blogosphere. Not only did she help enhance my social media presence, she answered questions I didn’t even know I had, while guiding me through the process of establishing my brand. Vered’s honest and impartial feedback enabled me to make the right choices without embarrassing myself in a community I was not familiar with. Her copywriting skills and deep understanding of appropriate and optimized content helped me make a seamless transition from ‘blogger wannabe’ to ‘blogger.’ Thanks Vered. Your outstanding service is much appreciated. —Scott Gale, Author, Your Family Constitution


We needed help taking our business to the next level and are so happy to have found Vered. Vered is a prolific writer and a true social media marketing expert. She is also highly responsive and is always there to answer our questions. Best of all, it’s obvious that Vered absolutely loves what she does. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with her. —Simon Martin, Co-founder, Baby Bunch


Vered is not an average writer, she provides advice, suggestions and knows how and when to use appropriate keywords. Working with her is a pleasure; she not only delivers on time, but ahead of time. Send any topic her way and she’ll create a rich article from it. Highly recommend to any business. —Yiana Palacios, Founder, Design Leap


Vered does excellent work! Her articles are well-written, informative, and great for SEO. She also has an amazing turn-around time, which is a bonus. We are very happy with her work and would highly recommend her services to others. —Amanda Wheeland and Barry Jones, Founders, Tiny Totties



lindo1 Vered has been a great help to us in leveraging social networking technologies to help raise awareness around our vision, products and passion for improving the software lifecycle. Her input has been valuable and helped raise awareness for our brand. I would recommend Vered to anyone looking to explore modern ways to generate interest and engage with customers. —Jonathan Lindo, Co-Founder, VP Products & Technologies, Replay Solutions


Vered has very strong writing skills with a very direct and down to earth style. She takes big ideas and puts them into writing very concisely and in simple words. Vered is also very responsible and once she has a task on her plate, it’s considered done. —Yuval Spector, Founder & CEO, UpToUs


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