Month: June 2019

Supplements For Energy And Concentration

Many of us find it difficult to concentrate on a specific task, be it work, study or even fun. This can bring complications to the smooth running of our daily lives. But we know that it is not always easy to avoid being distracted, so here are some supplements you can use to focus your mind and achieve a successful day.

1. Genius Consciousness Supplement

Genius Consciousness is a supplement that gives you greater mental clarity, concentration and cognitive performance. Its active ingredients control dopamine production and help the brain have a better level of processing.

It contains natural ingredients that work to dispel fog in the mind while trying to focus on specific tasks. It also helps calm anxiety and reduce stress.


2. Neuro-Peak Supplement

Neuro-Peak is a premium formula that helps you maintain greater focus, memory and clarity. Its blend of ingredients supports brain circulation and oxygen, as well as neural and brain cells.

It’s perfect for you to stay focused during your important tasks, because it improves neural function and cell membrane. It is recommended to take one capsule daily for best performance.


3. Neuro Health Supplement

This supplement is composed of green tea and 20 mg of the chemical Bacosides, a capsule that helps speed up blood flow to improve brain performance, giving you a better concentration. The package contains 60 capsules.

In addition, it contains other natural herbs that work specifically to increase mental clarity, improve blood pressure and lift mood during your daily routine.


4. Neuro Ignite Supplement

Neuro Ignite contains glutamine, zacate, Ginkgo Biloba, formula that increases mental performance, increases focus, concentration and promotes mood. Does not contain caffeine

It is a natural nootropic that increases brain circulation to keep you alert and focused on your daily tasks. It is also a healthy option that reduces stress.


5. HCF Supplement

This brain supplement HCF contains over 15 effective neuro nutrients and amino acids F and Q that work to improve concentration, improve memory, reduce stress and increase mood. The package contains 90 vegetarian capsules.

It helps promote sleep cycles, healthy weight loss and increase learning skills. With this product you will certainly experience a positive change in your life experience.

Consider any of these supplements if you want to increase health, energy and concentration.

Exercise For Better Fitness And Conditioning

Although it is possible to do some exercises during pregnancy, the reality is that most women live this period of their lives away from sport, eating with some relaxation and consequently gaining a few kilos over budget. For the same reason many live the postpartum with a lot of anxiety to recover their figure and hurry doing diets and exercises that more than helping them harm them.

When to start

Regardless of how good or bad the birth was, it is always necessary to have the doctor’s approval before starting to exercise, to be sure that the body is prepared to face the physical demands that sport requires. Although each woman has different recovery times, there are some parameters that indicate when physical activity can be resumed, depending on the type of childbirth that has taken place.

It will be easier to resume exercise if during pregnancy the mother remained active and doing some kind of light exercise, as far as possible. This added to the fact that, in the best case scenario, the mother had a vaginal delivery without injury to the pelvic floor, then most likely that mother can start exercising 4 weeks after having her baby. The above provided that the doctor has given his medical authorization and that the mother feels empowered to do so.

In cases where the delivery left lesions on the pelvic floor, the waiting time can be extended depending on the severity of the lesion and the speed with which each body recovers. When a cesarean section is performed, it is necessary to wait at least 6 weeks, and thereafter according to the recovery time each body has to heal.

Postpartum Yoga

How to get started

It may sound obvious, but the best way to start is little by little, “it is very important, especially in the first few months, not to put too much pressure on oneself, to listen to the body when it is tired or sore”, in order to avoid injuries and give the body the time it needs to resume its rhythm.

As the mother feels ready, she can begin to introduce herself into the activities by starting with something simple, for example walking, with time these walks can increase in number and/or make them longer. Even moms with a cesarean section, if the doctor allows it, can start by walking little by little to reactivate their body.

To go up a level and start doing a more specialized exercise, with greater demands, according to the abilities of each mother and focused on reducing fat and recovering the figure, then it is best to go to a place or find a professional who is dedicated to caring for moms. This is because postpartum is a delicate period, “if the exercises are performed at home they can be performed incorrectly, with bad postures that more than helping can further deteriorate the mother’s physique, so it is ideal to be under the supervision of an expert, especially if you have no previous experience in physical conditioning,” says the physical education teacher.

A good place to go is a center specialized in the care of women’s health and well-being, where they do physical conditioning programs based on an evaluation of each mother’s state and abilities. Based on this, a program is made that deals in a first stage with exercises mainly of lumbo-pelvic stability, work of the transverse of the abdomen to favor the recovery of the abdominal diastasis produced by the pregnancy, and exercises of recovery of the pelvic floor, which are the sectors of the body that most need to recover after a pregnancy and childbirth.

Little by little, after at least 2 months of doing milder exercises and according to each mother, cardio exercises and other stronger muscle strengthening exercises can be incorporated into the routine. If the mother is constant and her body responds well to exercise, it could take around 6 months to recover her physical condition and figure, according to Constaza.

What kind of care should you have

To have a good recovery after childbirth and have energy for exercise is very important to have a balanced and varied diet, eat all food groups and encourage the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. In this way the body will be well nourished and better prepared to face the physical demands of returning to exercise.

During the execution of the exercises it is very important “to be aware of the body and warn in case of any discomfort or indication that something is happening either in the abdominals or on the pelvic floor as pain during training, leakage of urine or pain during sexual intercourse”. This avoids causing damage to the body and the exercises can be adjusted to the conditions of each mother.

Although exercise will not affect milk production during breastfeeding, it is good to take precautions, such as wearing proper sports bibs and drinking water constantly, especially on exercise days to stay always hydrated.