Protein bars → Just lies? Tests show the truth!

I will only include a few that are currently available. It is important to read the nutrition label to determine what to order for your individual body type.

One of my favorite brands is Body Foundations' Real Food Protein Bar. It has all the vitamins and minerals you want, but you can also get plenty of protein and healthy fats from the healthy fats in the bars. There are many companies offering different protein bars that have different flavorings. Some have more flavorings than others. I like the "crisp" flavor of this brand because it tastes like it was made on the stovetop. My favorite brand of protein bars are the Green & Black line. I like the flavor because it has a lot of fiber in it. I also like the Organic Protein Bars. They have a lot of vitamin and minerals in them and they don't have anything artificial in them. I have been using these two brands for almost a year now. When I start to get tired of a protein bar, I will start adding a little bit of the flax seed mixture. I do this because when you eat enough protein in a few hours, it can slow down your metabolism. You can also get a lot of protein by drinking a glass of water.

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